Frequently Asked Questions

I am not a member of ARC. May I still enter the Golden ARC Awards Program?

Yes, both ARC members and non-members may enter the Golden ARC Awards Program. After the first entry, the entrant will be registered as an ARC member and may receive the lower entrant pricing available to ARC members.

How much does it cost to enter the Golden ARC Awards Contest?

Entries may be submitted before February 27, 2015 to obtain an early bird entry fee of $150. Thereafter and until March 31, the fee per entry is $175. Both ARC members and non-members may enter the competition. Non-members pay an additional $190 with the first entry, thereby becoming a member of the respected organization.

May I submit my entry via e-mail?

No, all entries must go through the online entry portal. 

When must the work I submit have been completed to qualify for the event?

At least some part of the program must have occurred in the prior calendar year. For instance, programs with some of the work completed in 2014 may be submitted in the 2015 Golden ARC Awards Program. Programs have a better chance of winning near their completion, when evaluation against initial objectives can be measured.

What if I do not have any primary, original research for my submission?

Often, secondary research and fact-finding can be equally as valid as primary original research. Therefore, share the research and fact-finding your conducted in lieu of or in addition to research. The judges will evaluate each circumstance individually.

May I enter the same materials in more than one category? Is there a limit to how many entries I may submit?

Often, your work may fit in two or more categories. For instance, a Golden ARC that fits into the "Social Media" category may also fit in the "Video Programs" category. Entrants must select one category for each entry. However, as long as it applies to the specific criteria stated within that category, the same material may be entered in multiple categories by submitting multiple entries and paying the separate entry fee for each submission. Each entry in the "Campaigns Division" must be submitted with a separate, category-appropriate, two-page summary binder and entry form, as well as a separate, completed, paid entry form for each additional category entered. Each entry in the "Tactics Division" must be submitted with a separate entry form, and may be submitted via mail in a binder or via e-mail.

If I enter a campaign in the "Campaigns Division, " may I also enter one of the components of that campaign in

  another category?

Yes, you may enter the "Campaigns Division" and also enter specific items from the Campaign in the "Tactics Division." Each entry must be submitted separately with a separate, completed, paid entry form for each additional category entered.

Will I receive critique information for my entries?

Yes, judges for the Golden ARC Awards Program may provide feedback and comments on entries. 

What if my Client does not allow me to share confidential budget information?

Judges are aware and instructed that they should not base their entire evaluation on the inclusion or exclusion of budgetary information. However, budget should be included, if possible, as it is an integral part of any public relations program. We suggest that you speak in broader terms on how the budget was applied to the program. If you cannot give exact figures, give percentages or fractions. Exclusion of budgetary information will not disqualify the entry, but the budget must be addressed in some manner.

Will my entry be returned?

All entries become the property of ARC and are not returned. Winning Golden ARC Award entries are kept for professional reference at ARC Headquarters and then archived or destroyed.

May I include artwork on my binder?

During preparation for judging, we will place labels on the cover of your binder. This will likely cover up any creative artwork you have included on the binder. Therefore, we suggest including a creative cover page as the first page within your binder is you wish.

Should I submit the actual video, DVD or URL address that I am entering?

We encourage this type of entry to be submitted online. Use the attachments and links section to add your files digitally. 

How can I be assured my entry was received at the contest management headquarters?

If you upload your documents to the online entry portal you should see the attachments once they are loaded. If you are mailing your entry, please send your entry by traceable delivery, and contact the shipper to confirm receipt.Otherwise, contact Golden ARC Contest management headquarters at 254-445-4333 to confirm receipt of entry.

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