Judging Criteria

The Golden ARC Awards Program consists of two divisions, the "Campaigns Division" and the "Tactics Division." Within each division, individual categories exist. Judging criteria varies based on which division is entered.

"Campaigns Division"

The Golden ARC Awards will be awarded to the best corporate, non-profit or organizational teams, in recognition of achieving public relations objectives using exceptional skill, creativity and resourcefulness.

One 1st Place Golden ARC Award will be presented for the best campaign in each category, but only to those that meet all of the judging criteria and meet the minimum point requirement. Judges reserve the right not to award the Golden ARC to entries that do not meet judging criteria. Judges may present a Merit award to additional exceptional entries in each category. Merit awards may be presented to the top campaign in any category that includes information for all criteria, but that do not meet minimum point requirements; or other outstanding entries in any category for which there is a first place winner, but other entries deserve recognition.

Judging criteria are as follows:

  • Research (up to 20 points)
  • Planning (up to 25 points)
  • Execution (up to 25 points)
  • Evaluation/Results (up to 30 points, weighted for behavioral outcomes)
  • Must include work conducted the year prior to the contest entry year

"Tactics Division"

The Golden ARC Awards recognize excellence in specific strategy or tactical execution, or for specific campaign components or elements.

Entries will be judged on:

  • Well established objectives, clear and appropriate audience analysis, appropriate for target audience             (up to 30 points)
  • Creativity (up to 15 points)
  • Execution (up to 15 points)
  • Content/Quality/Technical Excellence (up to 30 points)
  • Results (up to 10 points)
  • Must include work conducted the year prior to the contest entry year

Judging will be weighted for content, execution and quality, though favorable consideration will be given for achieving results called for in the project objectives.

Judges may award one 1st Place Golden ARC Award in each category, and may also present merit awards for other outstanding entries.

"The Golden ARC de Excellence Award"

The Golden ARC de Excellence Award will be awarded to the best all-around entry in the campaigns division.

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